Automation Total Substation Automation Solution

Around the world, competition continues to drive electrical utilities in search of economic solutions. Our Substation Automation seamlessly integrates the protection, monitoring, diagnostics, control, measurement, and software functions of your substation system. The results can include reduced capital and operating costs, increased reliability and asset utilization, enhanced operational efficiencies, reduced outages, easier regulatory compliance, and elimination of unnecessary equipment and resources. All of which add up to providing superior customer service. And that’s the bottom line.

System Benefits

With maintenance budgets tightening and power demands changing, real-time remote access to your substation equipment can save you time and money – without necessarily having to replace what you’ve got. Around the world, Substation Automation systems are providing the answer for cost-conscious utilities in several important ways.

Outage Minimization

  • Proactively identify faults before catastrophic failures occur
  • Manage fault detection, autosectionalizing, and auto-restoration
  • Enhance security and reliability with integrated protection, monitoring, and control
  • Monitor power delivery equipment status to achieve peak operating performance
  • Monitor status of all substation primary, protection, and control devices
  • Reduce customer outages by 10% or more

Operating and Maintenance Cost Reduction

  • Centralize equipment oversight through remote monitoring
  • Optimize crew dispatch and work planning
  • Perform condition-based maintenance rather than scheduled maintenance
  • Upgrade equipment for life extension and improved performance
  • Save considerably by remotely switching feeders

Productivitiy Improvement

  • Adjust voltage, transformer loads, and feeder loads from central office PC or remote laptop
  • Improve equipment operating efficiencies through real-time monitoring and diagnostics
  • Fine-tune operations in real-time over user-friendly, secure access
  • Reduce crew trips to substations by 10% or more

Auomation Centralization

  • Immediate access to remote locations from a centralized location
  • Enable predictive maintenance through analysis of operating conditions
  • Lower costs through centralized communications to remote substations
  • Common database enables predic- tive maintenance, volt/VAR control, and self-diagnostics
  • Web-enabled design affords resource location flexibility

Asset Management Improvement

  • Achieve tight system control through transformer and feeder load balancing systems
  • Extend equipment life and operate peak remote real-time performance monitoring
  • Eliminate redundant transducers, meters, event recorders, annunciation, and RTUs
  • Save 30% or more in capital upgrades through automation

Information Management Enhancement

  • Automatic analysis of key operating conditions for timely decision making
  • Quickly assess load management, load shedding, reactor and capacitor switching

With a portfolio of sophisticated monitoring and diagnostics systems for critical substation equipment, remote monitoring of performance and critical fault detection is achievable. These advanced systems enable you to improve performance and service reliability as well as extend the useful life of critical assets.

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