SCADA Systems Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition

Electric utilities are faced with many challenges imposed by today's Smart Grid. High penetration of bulk renewables, demand response options, aging assets and an aging workforce, coupled with increased operating and maintenance costs, security, increased integration with external systems and increased data processing requirements contribute to the needs of today's advanced Energy Management System (EMS).

Our EMS meets these demands with a secure core system built on an open-standard, distributed architecture and augmented by powerful application suites for generation, transmission and distribution power grids.

Powerful Situational Awareness

  • Robust generation and transmission grid power system applications supporting real-time, study and training environments provide current and future operator situational awareness
  • Built-in advanced visualization capabilities driven by a secure, platform independent Graphical User Interface
  • World coordinate displays supporting transmission grid overviews provide support for graphical backgrounds, weather data, crew locations, flexible gradients and dynamic approaching limit symbols for flows and other real-time data
  • Operator configurable dashboards provide support for displays, charts and graphs, summaries and graphical contingencies
  • Advanced alarm and event summaries with operator customizable sorting and filtering

Main Benefits

  • Monitors and controls generation, transmission and distribution assets in real-time
  • Provides real-time situational awareness coupled with advanced visualization capabilities for faster user recognition of the overall system status
  • Analyzes near-term operating grid contingencies and provides alternative solutions to reduce potential outages
  • Economically provides increased grid capacity while maintaining overall grid reliability and regulatory requirements
  • Reduces overall system support costs through intuitive data and display maintenance support tools
  • Enhances grid reliability and increases grid capacity
  • Advanced contigency awareness and decreased system support costs

Looking to implement SCADA solution for your project? Feel free to contact us and we will propose the reliable solution based on your requirements.

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