Circuit Breaker SF6 Circuit Breaker 35 kV. - 500 kV.

Live Tank SF6 Circuit Breakers are capable of interrupting all possible switching duties. The breakers are single break interrupter design and have dual flow puffer action for current interruption to ensure strong reliability and safety of the operations of the grid. The SF6 Circuit Breaker is capable of clearing the severe rate of rise of recovery voltage due to short line faults and high recovery voltage peak due to out of phase switching. Small currents such as capacitor bank switching current, transformer magnetizing current, cable / line charging current are interrupted smoothly without any restrike or reignitation. The circuit breaker is consisting from vertical porcelain unit containing puffer type interrupter, spring-spring operating mechanism and control equipment and base frame / support columns


SF6 Circuit Breaker

Description Unit CB 72.5 CB 123 CB 145 CB 245 CB 420
Standard IEC 56, BSS 5311
Rated Voltage kV 72.5 123 145 245 420
Power Frequency Withstand Voltage kV 160 230 275 460 520
Lightning Impulse Withstand Voltage kV 325 550 650 1050 1425
Creepage Distance mm 1820 3075 3625 6125 10500
Type of Mechanism Ir(A) Spring Pneumatic
Rated Current A 3150
Rated Frequency Hz 50/60
Rated Operating Sequence Hz O-0.3 sec-CO-3 min-CO
Rated Short Circuit Making Current kA 31.5 31.5 31.5 100 150
Weight kg 1650 2000 2000 3900 9600

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