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Wind Resource Assessment

Did you know that wind farms across the world are underperforming their pre-construction energy yield estimates by 10%? We are addressing this issue by offering a wide range of weather sensors and services to support your onshore and offshore wind resource assessment needs, and ensure your wind farm project will meet financial and performance expectations..

Wind farm developers and investors demand high quality measurements and weather data to make intelligent project decisions. Vaisala is your professional partner for turnkey meteorological towers, remote sensing, data management, and energy yield analysis. With over 70 years experience in developing sensors and deploying weather observation networks, Vaisala and its global partners are well prepared to support your resource assessment needs anywhere the wind blows.

We offer five configurations of weather measurement systems to meet your needs, and we can customize weather services for project, allowing you to get the most return on your investment.

Solar Radiation Assessment

For solar power generation it is essential to know the amount of sunlight available at a particular location at a given time. To give you an idea about the potential for solar power it has been documented that the amount of solar energy reaching the earth’s land areas in one hour is enough to supply the U.S. energy needs for one year! As governments worldwide demand more renewable energy resources, the need for accurate solar radiation measurements increases. Vaisala’s solar radiation measurement systems monitor conditions at/near solar power generation sites, providing the information necessary for effective operations and maximum power production.

There are many influences on solar radiation – from cloud cover to water vapor, even air pollution. Vaisala’s solar radiation measurement systems monitor a variety of weather conditions, and can be equipped with the sensors of your choice to provide the best possible solution. In addition, the system can be used for unattended operations that require monitoring, providing accurate weather data from remote sites. Our systems are easy and economical to install and maintain, they withstand harsh environments while collecting accurate, reliable data, and are the best choice for optimizing life cycle costs

Hydrological Assessment

Hydropower is a natural, clean and renewable source of energy. Many governments are keen to use this largely untapped potential in their country to provide the energy capacity they need. Vaisala’s hydrometeorological stations measure weather conditions at/near hydropower plants, and provide the necessary information decision makers need to optimize operations and get the most hydropower production.

Real-time observations are crucial to ensure well-organized and safe operation of hydropower plants. Additionally, high-quality hydrological records are needed when planning and rehabilitating infrastructure for hydropower generation. Vaisala hydrometeorological stations provide real-time precipitation and water level data with centralized data collection, even from the most remote locations in the areas where hydropower energy can be utilized. When combining this information with the weather radar data, it is possible to generate short-term forecasts to optimize and control hydropower yield. In addition, Vaisala can provide integrated solutions with centralized data collection, data management and related decision support systems.

Considering our strong experience in weather monitoring solutions, we can assist you in your resource management assessment projects.

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