Shunt Reactor Shunt Reactor up to 50 MVA

Shunt reactors are compact and cost efficient way for compensating capacitive generation in transmission lines. They are placed permanently in service for power transmission stabilization or switched in under lightload conditions.

Benefits of Shunt Reactors:

  • Avoiding daily and seasonal voltage oscillations in the grid
  • Electricity quality improvement
  • Reduce energy loss during transmission and distribution
  • Network stability improvement
  • Increase transfer capacity of HV lines and provide secure automatic voltage control
  • Provide favorable voltage conditions for operation of power generators
The usage of the Shunt Reactors is especially beneficial for power grids with:

- Significant daily and season fluctuation of electricity consumption
- Worn-out switching and transformer equipment
- Long transmission lines with frequent load / direction change
- Excess losses of electric energy
- Networks having voltage profiles under which power generators can not operate within permissible reactive power ranges

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