Transformer Power transformers up to 1,200 MVA

Power transformers are essential part of the substation used by electrical utilities for power transmission grid networks. We offer wide range of power transformers up to 550 kV and 1,200 MVA for almost any utility, industrial or commercial applications. Main features of the power transformers:

  • Meeting ANSi, IEEE and IEC international stsandards
  • Load tap changers
  • - Reactive vacuum
    - Resistive
  • Cooling class (ONAN, ONAF, ODAF)
  • Cover mounted bushings
  • Tank with lifting lugs, pulling eyes, jacking bosses
  • Pressure relief device
  • Winding temperature indicator
  • Drain valves
  • Sealed tank oil preservation system
  • HV tap changer, de-energized operation

Each transformer is designed individually as per customer requirements and receives standard commercial tests in accordance to ANSI, IEEE and IEC standards. The test reports are provided for each individual transformer and include:

- Polarity of windings and angular displacement
- Ratio
- No-load loss and exciting current
- Load loss and impedance
- Lighting impulse (class II)
- Low-frequency dielectric tests
- Insulation power factor (class II)
- Induced tests
- Partial discharge in microvolts (class II)
- Partial discharge in picocoulombs (class II)
- Dissolved gas analysis (class I)
- Temperature rise
- Zero phase sequence
- Front of wave
- Switching surge

For each individual transformer design, the customer is required to fill in respective questionnaire in regards to the technical requirements for the given project.

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