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New Order For Safety Equipment

ITG LLC has received a new order in regards to the Safety Protection Equipment. As per contract requirements, we will deliver personal protective products, earthing equipment and insulation ladders for usage for HV Transmission Lines and Substations.

Our products have been already in use by various energy and industrial sectors and with our full range of high quality protective equipment, we always strive to provide confident safe working environment to our partners.

Safety Equipment

Equipment For Forensics

We have been awarded a new contract for the supply and installation of analytical equipment for Forensics Laboratory. The vapour pressure equipment is modern analytical instrument for accurate determination of vapor pressure for automotive/aviation gasoline, turbine fuels and other light distillate petroleum products, crude oil, hydrocarbon solvents and chemical compounds.

After installation the respective training will be conducted for further operation of the equipment and future maintenance.

Vapour Pressure Analyzer

Substation Automation

We would like to announce that we have added substation automation solutions to our portfolio. Please feel free to navigate to our Solutions page to find more details.

With maintenance budgets tightening and power demands changing, real-time remote access to your substation equipment can save you time and money – without necessarily having to replace what you’ve got. Around the world, Substation Automation systems are providing the answer for cost-conscious utilities in several important ways.

Substation Automation
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