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A1800 Alpha Meter

The A1800 ALPHA® is a world-class, highly accurate, robust, system ready meter that is ideally suited for commercial, industrial, and substation metering applications. With its open communication protocol, the A1800 ALPHA meter can be integrated into any metering system. The A1800 ALPHA meter can be easily upgraded and offers our customers the flexibility to keep pace with their changing metering requirements and business growth.

The A1800 ALPHA includes all of the high functionality that our customers have come to expect from an Elster meter: four-quadrant metering; active, reactive, and apparent energy and demand measurements; standard event logs and time-of-use metering; 16-segment character LCD with optional backlight provides a flexible interface to the user for displaying meter data; and optional upgradeable memory for both billed and non-billed interval data

TRueQ (tamper restraint and quality) offers multiple anti-tampering and advanced security features that ensures revenue protection for our customers. The site diagnostic capability continuously monitors the service, verifying that all phases are present and that the wiring configuration is correct. Adverse or abnormal conditions, such as phase outages and reverse energy events, are logged. Different meters within the A1800 ALPHA meter family have specific capabilities, see the A1805, A1810, A1830, A1860, and A1880 tabs.

Metering systems (AMR/AMI)

Elster Metering supports their customers by providing them with total enterprise automated meter reading (AMR) and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) solutions that can be tailored to meet their metering system needs. Our advanced energy information management systems enable utilities, energy marketers and customers to monitor and manage electricity usage, power quality, and reliability in today’s competitive energy markets.

Alpha Center Software

Alpha CENTER metering system was developed by Elster Metronica in Moscow in 1999 for large industrial and power utilities customers in Russia and CIS countries. Four successful years of Alpha CENTER's operation in Power Utility, industry, transport and domestic segments proved it's reliability, accuracy, high functionality and conformance to modern requirements. In 2002 Alpha CENTER software were translated into English and updated according to requirements of international markets.

Alpha CENTER is the series of software products; it is based on the principles of client-server architecture (Oracle, Windows NT/2000). The program collects and analyses data from meters, balances the accounts and integrates it into business administration systems. The system is designed for billing, managing networks or consumption, load management and measuring and analysing of electricity quality parameters.

The system satisfies the requirements of all our customers from utility companies and large industrial with thousands of meters to small enterprises with several meters. Multi-user version of software provides easy access to information from dozens of work places and combines several data collecting and processing caters into one information field. Version of Alpha CENTER for small enterprises is very functional and it also emphasizes monitoring loads: currents, voltages, and outputs, network frequency...

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