Cable Joints Cable Joints and Terminations up to 35 kV.

We offer a full range of products for a wide variety of applications using heat shrink, silicone, slip-on, plug-in and cast resin technologies which comply with the standard requirements for energy suppliers and the set industrial norms. The system components of all of our cable accessories are compatible so as to ensure safe and reliable functioning. As a result of intensive testing carried out in our laboratories, as well as numerous type tests carried out in international test facilities, we are able to guarantee an operationally reliable conductor connection, an adequate insulation level and excellent resistance against all environmental influences for all our cable accessories. All our medium voltage products are tested according to DIN VDE 0278, CENELEC HD 629.1, HD 629.2, IEC 60502-4 and comply with IEEE and BS requirements.

Low Voltage Cable Joints and Terminations

  • Compact dimensions
  • Wide conductor and cross-section range
  • Resistant to chemical agents
  • Resistant to alkaline earth elements
  • Stabilized against UV rays
  • Free from paint-wetting inhibiting substances
  • Halogen-free
  • Transversely waterproof
  • High electrical insulating values
  • High mechanical strength

MV Cable Joints and Terminations

  • Compact dimensions
  • Wide cross-section range
  • Quick,safe and easy assembly
  • Ready for immediate operation
  • High mechanical strength
  • Reliable stress control due to flexible silicone stress control elements
  • Flexible silicone stress control elements ensure reliable stress control under all operating conditions

We have solutions for every cable type and cross-section. Just get in touch with us and we will propose the required solution.

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